RUBAU Group develops all-round solutions for mobility, transport, water, renewable energy, building refurbishment, raw materials and real estate services. It is always at the service of society in terms of innovation, sustainability and responsibility, we contribute to the Well-being of the Planet and we promote the Circular Economy..

We have a track record of 60 years, of quality and accuracy, during which we have created unique and exceptional spaces that have contributed to progress and well-being. We continue to grow, but in such a way that we look after and protect the planet and its natural resources. That is why we also focus our work on the generation and the distribution of renewable energy, on solutions to promote energy efficiency, recycling materials and the management of urban waste. We are firmly committed to the areas where we work and our customers.

We have highly qualified professionals in our group and we are convinced that our objective to invest and develop sustainable projects is only possible if we have people who are not only technically prepared, but also committed to attaining the Sustainable Development Objectives. We are the circular group that promotes the circular economy.