Prenergy signs its first bilateral agreement (PPA) for an industrial customer in Sant Feliu de Buixalleu

Prenergy signs its first bilateral agreement (PPA) for an industrial customer in Sant Feliu de Buixalleu

Prenergy (Prime Rubau Energy), the energy service subsidiary of the Rubau Group, has signed its first on-site bilateral power purchase agreement (PPA) with an industrial lamination production customer in Sant Feliu de Buixalleu. In the first stage the solar plant will be supplied and set up, with a power capacity of 0.7MWp –without surplus- for the self-consumption of the customer. Stage I operations will begin in the summer 2023.

In 2024 the plant will increase its power generation capacity up to an additional 1MWp This second stage, with a power generation surplus, will provide for the self-consumption of the factories of the industrial estate of Sant Feliu de Buixalleu, and it will be sold to the photovoltaic power distribution network. The system is expected to generate energy that is the equivalent of more than the double of the town’s total household consumption.

The bilateral power purchase agreements (PPA) help industry and the tertiary sector to get clean energy and pay for what they consume without having to bear the costs of the investment associated with the supply and the setting up of the plant. In this way, they can benefit from a stable and competitive energy price without the market fluctuations.

Prenergy, an expert in energy transition

Prenergy is the energy service subsidiary of the Rubau group that undertakes renewable energy projects with the supply of its own solar self-consumption and energy efficiency systems (air source heat pumps, light, etc.). It is also a supplier of infrastructure for electric vehicles and offers solutions for energy efficiency to all projects of Grup Rubau clients.

Prenergy is an officially approved company of the MES BARCELONA programme organised by the Barcelona City Council, to promote private investment and speed up the energy transition of the city.

Rubau Group

Prenergy is part of the Rubau Group, the big family construction and service company –which with a track record of 60 years and 750 employees-, has embarked upon its own diversification strategy to maximize the synergies of all its professional teams and satisfy the demands and the needs of its customers with excellence.

Rubau Group is growing in the area of construction (building, civil engineering and concessions), in the area of waste and water management (through the company Arema) and in the rehabilitation of buildings (through Contracta). Each area of activity and its subsidiaries have the technical and corporate services that favour flexible and efficient workplace dynamics, which focus on the service and the results.