PRENERGY (Rubau Group) electrifies the new terminal of the Port of Barcelona

PRENERGY (Rubau Group) electrifies the new terminal of the Port of Barcelona

Prenergy (Prime Rubau Energy), the energy service subsidiary of the Rubau Group, has been assigned the task of electrifying the new terminal of the Port of Barcelona. Prenergy will be in charge of setting up the medium and low voltage, the lighting and the entire electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Prenergy therefore continues to expand on its activities as a specialist in renewable energy and energy efficiency of the Rubau Group. The electrification of the new terminal of the Port of Barcelona is another step forward in the energy transition of the port infrastructure because the demand is electrified with the increase in the consumption of renewable energy.

Prenergy provides its customers with solutions for their projects along with the improvements needed to make their facilities efficient, which subsequently reduces energy costs and, therefore, the carbon footprint.

Rubau Group

Prenergy is part of the Rubau Group, the big family construction and service company –which with a track record of 60 years and 750 employees-, has embarked upon its own diversification strategy to maximize the synergies of all its professional teams and satisfy the demands and the needs of its customers with excellence.

Rubau Group is growing in the area of construction (building, civil engineering and concessions), in the area of waste and water management (through the company Arema) and in the rehabilitation of buildings (through Contracta). Each area of activity and its subsidiaries have the technical and corporate services that favour flexible and efficient workplace dynamics, which focus on the service and the results.